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Meet Colette
When Colette was two, her family noticed that she wasn't eating or playing like a typical two-year-old. After taking her to the hospital, the doctors discovered a mass in Colette's stomach the size of a grapefruit. Colette's tumor was extremely aggressive, therefore her treatment had to be aggressive. She was in need of quick care, and her family wondered where they would stay.

Colette's social worker was able to offer Colette and her family an Open Arms home to live in. Welcomed with a clean and fully furnished home, balloons and gifts, Colette and her family arrived at their new home provided at no cost to the family while Colette was undergoing treatment and recovery.

Whenever I saw linens in the closets and dishes, and all these pots and pans and everything was so nice...I just thanked God for giving us people that reach out to people they don't even know and love them.Colette's Grandmother, Penny

The Open Arms Foundation is the corporate charity of MAA, and the heart of our company. Its mission is to provide a home away from home for individuals and/or families who must travel to receive medical treatment. In 2015 alone, MAA had 46 Open Arms homes throughout 11 states. These homes provided 112 families with 12,441 nights of rest!

What Open Arms Provides

Medical crisis often takes families away from their own home in search of specialized treatment. Establishing a second home near a treatment center can create a great financial strain. To lessen the burden, Open Arms provides a home away from home at no cost to families facing this situation. Open Arms homes are fully-furnished, two-bedroom, first-floor apartments stocked with linens, kitchen items and other miscellaneous necessities. The entire rent, along with basic utilities, are all paid for by Open Arms. Guest families generally stay in an Open Arms home for up to two years, as long as the patient is undergoing medical treatment.

How Open Arms Works

Open Arms homes are intended for families receiving temporary medical treatment. We do not offer permanent housing for individuals requiring life-long treatment. While there are no age limitations or income requirements to stay in an Open Arms home, guests will need to meet certain minimal requirements as well as provide certain documentation, and of course stay is dependent upon the availability of homes in the area. Guests must be referred to Open Arms homes through their treatment facility. If you are interested in staying in an Open Arms home, please contact a case or social worker at the hospital where you will be receiving treatment. Open Arms is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charity chartered by the State of Tennessee which is materially funded by MAA and its employees.

When you make an MAA community your home, you support Open Arms.

For more information about Open Arms, or to make a donation:

Open Arms
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