Career Growth - MAA - Apartment Leasing & Management

Elite Growth Programs

MAA Leadership Academy
The MAA Leadership Academy is designed to provide career growth opportunities to high performing associates and to prepare associates in advance to be considered when promotional opportunities exist. Other high-performing associates may be selected to serve as mentors for current MAA Leadership Academy candidates.

Power Users
MAA Power Users possess enhanced knowledge in their areas of expertise and are selected to provide mentoring and training to their peers.

Regional Leasing Specialists
Regional Leasing Specialists are leasing associates with the flexibility to travel and support the properties within their market with the greatest need for leasing support. In addition, Regional Leasing Specialists conduct webinar and classroom training on a variety of leasing topics.

STAR Sales Club
The STAR Sales Club recognizes high performing leasing associates with various rewards and an increased commission rate while they are a member of the program.

Industry Designations and Tuition Reimbursement
MAA encourages associates to enhance their skills and knowledge through the pursuit of industry designations, such as CAM, CAMT and NALP, or through relevant undergraduate and graduate degrees. MAA provides tuition reimbursement for associates who are pre-approved to participate in programs.