Applicant Success Tips - MAA Careers - Apartment Management

Applicant Success Tips

1. Conduct research on MAA.
Success in a job interview begins with a solid foundation of knowledge about the organization. MAA's website contains valuable information about our company and history, as well as our mission, culture and core values. Additional information can be found through search engines, from sites like Glassdoor, in other published materials, and even from current associates. Arriving at your interview prepared with a good understanding of MAA will help you make a positive impression and demonstrate your interest in working with us.

2. Read the job description thoroughly.
Pay close attention to the description of the position, including the responsibilities and skills/experience required. Does the position align with your personal and career goals? Is the position for entry level candidates, or does it require a minimum number of years of experience? Does it require you to work on call hours or travel to different properties? Having a clear understanding of the job description will help you select and apply for positions that match to your skills and qualifications.

3. Fill out our online application completely.
The MAA application is the hiring manager's first impression of you! Your goal is to make sure it presents you in the best light possible. Fully completing the application demonstrates your attention to detail, as well as your interest and desire for the job. Fill in all blanks accurately and truthfully. Dates, names and addresses in your employment history should be accurate. Briefly describe your work experience and skills that make you a fit for the position and try to accurately present your strengths in your responses. Before submitting your application, check all of your responses for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

4. Complete our pre-employment assessment (PeopleAnswers).
If you are applying for a Property Manager, Assistant Property Manager, Leasing Consultant or Service Manager position, you will be prompted to complete an assessment after submission of your application. The assessment provides detailed information about your behavioral fit for the position. Because the assessment is part of the application process, failing to complete it would mean your application is incomplete, and the hiring manager may proceed to review other candidates with readily available scores.

5. Be prepared for the interview.
At MAA, we conduct behavioral-based interviews. In this type of interview, you will be asked a series of questions about how you have performed in various situations in the past. Be prepared to give specific examples of your past successes and accomplishments.