Here is a list of commonly asked questions to help you during the application process.

1. Does MAA accept paper applications or paper resumes? MAA does not accept paper applications or paper resumes. All applications and resumes for employment must be submitted electronically via our online application system.

2. How do I apply for MAA? Please visit the Careers section on our website. You may search for a position by category, location and state. Select the job title you are interested in and click on "Apply New Resume/CV". You will be instructed to create a profile. You will need to provide an email address and create a confidential password. After creating your profile, you will be prompted to complete the employment application.

3. Can I partially complete my application and finish completing it later? No. However, if you have to stop in the middle of the application, you can click the cancel application button at the bottom of the screen and complete your application later.

4. I do not have a cover letter or resume. Is one required? Submitting a cover letter and online resume is not required. However, the resume serves as your career history summary, and we strongly encourage you to upload one in addition to completing your application.

5. What do I do if I receive a "Current Action Temporarily Unavailable" message directly after uploading a resume? This typically occurs when your resume file name is either too long or contains special symbols (ex: parentheses, asterisks, slashes etc...) If you reduce the file name to less than 14 characters and remove any symbols from the file name the issue is resolved.

6. Do I have to fill out all sections of the application if I upload a resume? Yes, we require that you complete each section of the employment application with as much detail as possible. Mandatory application fields will be marked with a red asterisk.

7. Can I complete the application from my mobile phone? Currently you are unable to apply using your mobile phone, but this option will be available by the end of the year.

8. Can I apply for more than one position? Yes. However, to process the submission of an existing Candidate Profile for a new position, we require you to submit a separate application.

9. How do I apply for more than one position? When returning to apply for other positions, please click Existing Resume/CV and enter the email address and password you originally created. If you do not recall the password used, please select the "Forgot your password?" link. If your email address is on file, we will send a link to reset your password to that email address. You may choose to use a previously submitted application as is, edit the application to tailor it to the new position, or complete the application again from the beginning.

10. What do I do when the "Continue" button on the last page of the application does not allow me to advance to the review page so that I can submit the application? The "Brief Description of Job" and "Reason for Leaving" fields allow a maximum of 500 characters. Click the Previous button on the page (not the browser's back button) to navigate back to the Employment History page. Check to see if either the "Brief description of Job" or "Reason for Leaving" field has a red border. If it does, that means that you have more than the 500 character limit and will need to shorten the text you entered. Once you shorten the text, the application should allow you to proceed and finish. If you do not see a field with a red border on the "Employment History" page, then check the other pages in the application form as well. The other option would be to re-apply.

11. Can I make changes or updates to my application once it's submitted? No, once you submit your application, you are unable to go back and edit or modify your application for that position.

12. Will I receive feedback on my status once I apply for the position? Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are unable to provide personalized feedback or status updates. However, applications are typically reviewed by our recruiters and hiring managers within 5 days of job posting. Qualified candidates selected to proceed to the next step of the application process will be contacted by phone to schedule either a telephone prescreen interview or a face to face interview.

13. Is the PeopleAnswers assessment mandatory? Can I come back and complete it later if I don't complete it at the time of application? The PeopleAnswers assessment is mandatory when applying for Leasing Consultant, Assistant Property Manager, Property Manager and Service Manager positions. You will be immediately sent to the PeopleAnswers registration page upon submission of your application. You will also receive an email notification. Although you will have 3 days from the time you submit your application to complete the assessment, we highly recommend that you complete it within 24 to 48 hours. It will take 30 to 45 minutes to complete and must be completed in one sitting. If the PeopleAnswers assessment is not completed, your submission for the position will be incomplete and you may not be considered for the job posted.

14. How many rounds of interviews do you usually have? We recommend that you be prepared for a telephone prescreen interview and a minimum of one face to face interview. Depending on the position, you may be invited for more than one interview at the property or be asked to participate in a panel interview.

15. How do I apply for internships with MAA? At MAA, we offer paid summer internships to rising sophomores, juniors, and graduating seniors. These internships are posted on our corporate site in the spring of each year for the upcoming summer.

16. How often are new job opportunities posted? New positions are posted daily on the MAA website as soon as they become open.

17. When a position I was interested in or applied for is no longer on your website, does that mean it has been filled? If the position you applied for is no longer visible online, it means that the position is not open anymore, we are no longer accepting applications for it, and the recruitment campaign has been closed. Reasons include that the position was filled, put on hold to fill at a future date, or is not being filled.

18. How do I find out the pay rate for a specific position? Pay rates are not disclosed to applicants. However, our pay rates are competitive and are determined based on your experience and skill set, educational background, and any certifications you may have.

19. I learned about the position from a current employee. How do I let someone know? If you learned about the opportunity from a current employee, please list that person's name on your employment application at the time of submission in the fields "Were you referred to MAA by a current MAA employee? If yes, please provide the first and last name of the MAA employee that referred you."

20. Do you offer volunteer or unpaid work? MAA does not offer volunteer or unpaid employment opportunities.

21. When will my references be checked? Will you contact my current employer? MAA conducts a background check on all candidates after the offer has officially been accepted. Offers are contingent upon the employment verification and/or professional references, and the results of the criminal background check and preemployment drug screening. You will have the option to select whether or not you prefer your current employer be contacted.

22. Do I have to have industry experience to work at MAA? Job requirements vary per position, however some experience is preferred. Some positions may also require a job related certification or license. Please review the job description when applying. We are looking for candidates with friendly, outgoing attitudes and who have a passion for helping others. Customer service experience is valuable and applicable to all of our positions.