Greener Living

MAA takes environmentally friendlier practices seriously, and we believe our residents do too.  Greener Living measures create a socially responsible living environment and a better quality of life for our residents and associates.

Green partnerships have been established to recycle discarded carpets that would otherwise go into landfills, and exterior community lighting has been changed to more efficient, longer lasting types of lighting.  Many of our communities carry appliance packages with the Energy Star rating, conserving energy and helping our residents save money.

We provide greener choices to our residents, which we believe a growing population of residents value as a way of life.  Online portals allow our residents to complete routine transactions with us electronically, offering more convenience while reducing the need for paper transactions.  Many of our communities also offer on-site recycling programs.

Water conservation is highly prioritized at MAA.  The use of irrigation water and the impact of runoff can be significant.  All MAA communities contain reduced lawn areas and drought tolerant plantings to minimize the need for irrigation and fertilization.  Smart irrigation practices like rainwater harvesting, the use of reclaimed water and irrigation rain sensors are also in place across many of our communities.

Greener Living program initiatives include*:

  • Implementation of high performance, low-flow water devices in all MAA apartment homes
  • Installation of Energy Star rated appliances in MAA apartment homes
  • Saline swimming pool treatments
  • Access to online leasing and communication tools for residents, thereby reducing paper waste
  • On-site recycling options for residents
  • Establishment of partnerships with vendors that recycle carpet and other flooring materials
  • Usage of reduced watt, high performance lighting fixtures in community breezeways and common areas (LED, fluorescents, and induction lighting)
  • Water conservation practices through irrigation efficiencies, rainwater harvesting, reclaimed water and well water usage
  • Conversion of community landscaping to minimize turf and implement drought tolerate plant material

*  Greener Living services may not be available at all MAA communities.  Please inquire with a leasing representative regarding community specific programs.